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Extract from the artist notebook 

through these works i am trying to surpass my own limitations. 

words can be used as a sign of direction but never become the actual walk

the experience of composed interrelated colourforms can only be a state of mind, colour as only colour bores me but not what is possible through the medium, namely a psychic experience of that which is from the other sides - at all times there is an active balance between a and b, but only because through a particular pure colour-relationship each depends entirely of the life of the other - light is formed in the highest sense - form is arrived a through colour - colour-form occupies time or rather it can be composed to contain time; this gives one a sense of space-time through vision which can be constructed and enlarge upon; moulded to suit the artist need of expression.

colourspoems, to be looked at and experienced as poems read to one in a language perhaps still not known, as contrat-colour forms with energies in opposites are composed with the idea of continuous adding until the total composition has been explored and experienced as a progressive row of psychic impacts though vision, creating new views through the artist's insight and self acknowledgement, so is the composition infinitely ready to offer a deeper search in aesthetics through the pure and concrete use of contrat-colour-forms. 

it is only possible to measure creative energies in relation to one's deph of sensitivity

every colour has a precise energy, but depending on the form one gives it, it becomes an even more particular energy. When the colour and the form are in exact relation, in an essential homogeneity, one has a complete element, a colourform. The uniting of several colourforms, all linked to each other with a perfection and precision, which makes them inseparable, gives a totality, which I call a colourpoem.

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