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Erik Koch biographie


Born in Esbjerg, Denmark, 1933

Studied at Hans Hofmann's school, New-York

Lives in the south of France since 1983


1954       Traveling to the United-States, student at Santa Monica College, Los Angeles

1955-57  Assistant at the Hofmann’s school, New-York and Provincetown

              Hans Hofmann and Ibram Lassaw personal assistant

              Worked with the painters part of the American Abstract Expressionist's movment, USA

1958       Studio in Copenhagen

1958-60  Traveling in Europe: The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland 

1961       Studio in San Francisco and Berkeley, California

1962       Studio in New York and Provincetown, personal assistant to Hans Hofmann

1963       Studio in Switzerland, 1962 to 1963 sculptor Hubert Queloz's assistant, La Chaux de Fonds

1966-69  Studio in San Francisco

1970       Studio in Paris



1956      h.c Gallery, Provincetown, United-States 

1957      h.c Gallery, Provincetown, United-States 

1963      Lord's Gallery, London, England 

1967      Karl Van Der Voort Gallery

1972      Yager Gallery : Hartwick university, Oneonta, United-States 

1974      Jacques Davidson Gallery, Tours, France

1974      Jacomo Santiveri Gallery, Paris, France 

1974      Salon International d’art contemporain, Jacomo Santiveri Gallery, Paris, France 

1975      Salon International d’art contemporain, Jacques Davidson Gallery, Paris, France 

1979      Group show at Saidenberg Gallery with André Masson, Gyorgy Kepes and Victor Elmaleh,                  Madison Avenue, NYC, United-States 

1989      Show at Mediatheque, art center, between a and b, Uzès, France

1991      Numaga Gallery, Auvernier, Switzerland 

1992      Koch/Freed, Carré Davidson Gallery, Tours, France

1993      City gallery, Copenhagen, « usa on paper », Denmark

1993      Summer show Zhouf gallery

1994      « koch s’expose », Mediatheque, art center, Uzès, France

1994      Alte Schmied Gallery, Bern, Switzerland 

1994      Creation of the monument to the unknown poet, first worldwide, Trois-Rivières, Canada

1994      Alte Schmied Gallery, Bern, Switzerland 

1995      Part of the Cézanne and cubism exhibition, Cape Museum of fine art, Cape Cod, USA

1996      Numaga Gallery, Auvernier, Switzerland          

1996      Show of the colourpoems, university art center, Montpellier, France           

1997      Francis Graham Dixon Gallery, London, England 

1999      Numaga Gallery, Auvernier, Switzerland

2000      Michel Ray Gallery, Paris, France 

2004      Workshop and group show Ponte Cultura, Nüremberg, Germany  

2007      Numaga Gallery, Auvernier, Switzerland

2007      Invited in Geneva, showroom 1 at Hélène Yubero, art collector, Switzerland

2008      Invited in Geneva, showroom 2 at Hélène Yubero, art collector, Switzerland

2010      Jonas Gallery, Cortaillod, Switzerland

2012      Group show in Beaudouin art center, Paris, France 

2014      Deleuze-Rochetin Gallery, Arpaillargues, France 

2015      Orsay Gallery, Paris, France 

2016      Geometrical art museum, Art Triennale, Tomé, Japan 



1975      Director and professor at State University, New York

1975      Supervision of the art program, Tours, France 

1977      Teaching painting and drawing at Rhode Island College, Providence

1978      Teaching at Hartwick College, Oneonta

1980      Director of program and teaching at Beaux-Arts, Strasbourg

1993      Working in Provincetown, USA : teaching drawing at Rhode Island college



Orsay Gallery, Paris, France 

Satoru Sato Museum, Tomé, Japon

Photo©Dominique Souse 

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